Theme: Navigating the Future of Immunology Towards Better Quality Living

Immunology 2021

Immunology 2021

Session 1: Clinical Immunology

Clinical Immunology deals with diseases that are caused by the disorders of immune system i.e., abnormal growth of any cellular tissues of the system, hypersensitivities  as in asthma and other allergies, immune system failure. It also includes the diseases of other systems, where immune reactions play major role in the clinical aspects and pathology. It is divided into two categories: Immunodeficiency, in which there is inadequate response attained by the immune system, whereas in the case of autoimmunity the host body itself attacks its own immune system.

Session 2: Diagnostic Immunology

Diagnostic Immunology is a method by which we can diagnose the disease caused by a particular infectious microorganism. This relies on antigen-antibody reaction for detection of the disease. Immunologic methods are used as tools to treat and prevent of diseases such as infectious and immune-mediated diseases. The field of diagnostic immunology has advanced significantly over the years. Immunodiagnostics is a method which relies on the antigen-antibody reaction for the detection of a disease. 

Session 3: Computational Immunology

Computational Immunology is a field of science which encompasses the high-throughput genomic and bioinformatics approaches to immunology. The Rapid growth in the field of biotechnology with the major advances in information technology has more potential to radically transform immunology. The field's objective is to convert Biological data into computational problems, so that we can solve these problems using mathematical and computational approaches and then convert these results into the immunologically meaningful interpretations.

Session 4: Immunomics

Immunomics is the study of immune system regulation and response to pathogens using genome-wide approaches. Scientists studying the immune system have had to search for antigens on an individual basis and identify the protein sequence of these antigens that stimulate an immune response. Scientists are able to visualize biological networks and infer interrelationships between genes and proteins; recently, these technologies revealed immune system’s most distinguishing features are the continuous motility, turnover, plasticity of its constituent cells.

Session 5: Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is the treatment of disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response. It is also called as biologic therapy; It is a kind of cancer treatment which will boosts the body's natural defences against cancer. It uses substances that are made by the body or in with in a laboratory to improve or restore immune system function. It is made up of white blood cells, organs, tissues of the lymph system. The immune system is framed up of white blood cells and the organs plus tissues of your lymph system, like the bone marrow. 

2nd Webinar on Immunology Research: 

2nd Webinar on Immunology Research is scheduled on December 30 , 2021. This Webinar focusses on the theme Navigating the Future of Immunology towards Better Quality Living”.

Conference Series LLC Ltd amiably invites the Immunologists, Pathologists, Researchers, Academicians, and Professionals to Webinar on Immunology. This Scientific gathering offers a unique platform in this pandemic situation to present and know the latest updates with a complete approach to diverse areas of Immunologic interest.

Webinar on Immunology provides an optimistic platform for exchanging ideas and helps the attendees to get updated about the advancements and innovations in Immunology and its Research. The webinar contains regular scientific sessions which will be followed by sessions of Networking.

We hope this Webinar provides an excellent opportunity to share your best practice initiative, research project, or provide continuing education as it relates current topics and advances around the industries and field of Immunological and Therapeutic Research. 

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Conference Date December 29-30, 2021
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